Misfit Mondays Gay Agenda for July 3

It’s a misfit Monday, squeezed between the weekend and tomorrow’s July 4th Holiday…  Some got the day off, others had to go into the office, and few know exactly what to expect out in West Hollywood tonight.  Here’s your guide on where to be nonetheless, if you aren’t sleeping or at the gym getting ready for tomorrow…

Happy Hour

Celebrate Old Glory with a Pump-and-Glory, on special as part of the PUMP Pinky Happy Hour until 7 PM.

Have a laugh, or maybe two, at the Ruthless People comedy hour from 7 to 9 PM at Micky’s, with $5 drink specials.

Later on…

It’s Boyz Night Out at Musical Mondays at Rage featuring Lucas Coleman, Scott People, Will House and Christopher Robert Smith.

Karaoke Mondays kick off at 8 PM at Flaming Saddles with cutie Tyler Booth (instagram: @tytybooth) pouring your drinks all night.

DJ Dawna Montell spins for you and our favorite dancer Kevin at the Abbey starting at 9 PM.

Next door at The Chapel it’s Back to the 80’s with DJ John Joseph.

Showgirls celebrates the Fourth-eve with Raven, Morgan McMichaels, Cupcake Canne, Wilhamina Caviar, Hummingbird Meadows and Melissa Befierce Miller at Micky’s, where you can stay all night because it’s MONDAY AFTER HOURS until 4 AM with music by DJ Paulo Ramirez.


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