Your Independence Day Gay Agenda

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of the FIVE-DAY weekend, and it’s time to celebrate America’s 241st Birthday!

Remember to take care of your waiters, bartenders and dancers, as they have had to work extra hard all weekend while you’ve been hanging out by the pool getting wasted.

Day Drinking

If you weren’t invited to any pool parties or BBQ’s, it’s OK, The Abbey, Trunks, Motherlode and Gold Coast will be open for your enjoyment…

If you are really adventurous, The Birdcage opens early at 1 PM in Santa Monica.

Happy Hour

Revolver celebrates the Fourth with DJ Casey Alva from 3:30 PM to 9 PM.

What’s more American than alliteration, over-indulgence and cultural appropriation?!? It’s Taco Tuesdays at Fiesta and Micky’s, with all-you-can-eat TACOS!

Remember, the WeHo Pickup is running until 10 PM, so grab a free ride!

Later on…

Ask Anthony to give you a stiff one upstairs at Micky’s Level2Lounge

Top the weekend off right with a cocktail or two upstars in Micky’s Level2Lounge presented by Anthony Saldana with DJ Paulo Ramirez.


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