What is “Snap Out of It”?

Tonight, promoter Stefano Rosso (@gatorosso) and pop culture enthusiasts and drag merch paddlers House of Avalon (@thehouseofavalon) launch “Snap Out of It” as part of Micky’s Wednesday HotRod promotion… 

But what, exactly, can one expect if they show up to the Boystown nightclub after 9 PM tonight?

Well, you can expect a veritable cornucopia of Instagram-famous public figures, including Tro in his only US appearance, Zachary Edward, Sean Ford, Willam, Kiki Xtravaganza, GoGo Gizmo and a performance by Meatball.

That’s on top of the two dozen or so gogo dancers that normally grace the stages of Micky’s HotRod every Wednesday night.

Honestly, we still aren’t sure what to expect, but guarantee there will be lots of social media shareable moments, $5 well drinks on the patio until 11 PM and plenty to keep your eyes delighted…


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