Cazwell ousted from Micky’s Tuesdays

It’s Facebook-official: Cazwell is out, Boozeday Tuesdays is in as the new Tuesday promotion downstairs at Micky’s’s WeHo on the patio. The promotion? Inexpensive, cheap liquor.  DJ Cazwell’s Hot Homo Tuesday’s and gogo contest have anchored downstairs for months, but the promotion abruptly ended a week after returning from a two-week Pride hiatus. Considering how Cazwell has headlined Pride events in cities like Denver and San Diego, it’s somewhat surprising that the draw wasn’t there to support keeping downstairs open.  Fans of Anthony Saldana’s Level2Lounge need not worry, however, as it continues featuring DJ Paulo Ramirez, Fireball specials and a $100 absolute … Continue reading Cazwell ousted from Micky’s Tuesdays